Week 1: Recap


In order to keep myself honest, I will revisit each week’s haul, and sum up how I used each veggie. This will include if I have any to use in the following week, or if we are forced to take any to work to give away.

Week 1 Haul:

10 radishes plus greens: 8 radishes and greens used in Radish Tofu Fried Rice. Tonight I am making a modified version of this recipe. I think we’ll have a radish and butter sandwich on the side.

small bunch of mustard greens: used in Lentils and Greens.

small bunch of kale: used in Lentils and Greens.

5 garlic scapes: 4 used: 1 in Radish Tofu Fried Rice, 1/2 in Quesadillas, 1 1/2 in Coconut Sauce, 1 in Chickpeas and Greens

7 beets (one white) with greens: Beets used in Lasagna, 1/2 of greens in Quesadillas, 1/2 in Chickpeas and Greens

With only 2 radishes and one garlic scape left, I think it was a pretty successful week. Looking forward to today’s pickup!

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