Week 3: Recap

Last week I came home with the following:

7 beets with greens

1 head of pok choi (it’s almost the same as boy choy, apparently, and looks the same to me)

1 bunch kale

2 garlic scapes

1 head lettuce

1 small bunch mustard greens

I have used almost all of it. I still have beet greens in the fridge, but I intend to make Carly’s Asian Beet Green Pasta Salad (second recipe) along with stuffed portobellos for dinner tonight, so that will take care of that.

Here’s the summary:

Beets in Gazborscht

Pok Choi in Stir Fry with Roasted Peanuts

Kale in Potato and Green Hash

Garlic Scapes in Stir Fry and Hash

Mustard Greens in Hash

Overall, a well-rounded week. Other folks eating locally this summer, what was on your plates this week?

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