Week 4: Recap

Things have been quiet around here because we’ve been out of town. My friend Donna picked up our produce last Thursday, and I won’t have a new haul until this Thursday, so things will continue to be quiet. I just wanted to let you know that I was still alive and fill you in on what happened with last week’s produce. I don’t have any exciting recipes to share as these were basic, use what you have and clean out the fridge types that were just okay.

Last week I brought home the following:

1 head of lettuce

2 garlic scapes

1 bunch of swiss chard

1 head of pok choi

1 bunch of carrots

I used the lettuce in a salad with avocado, broccoli, edamame, raisins and leftover peanut sauce for dressing. It was pretty good.

I still have 1 1/2 scapes in my fridge. They were looking a little tough, but I may try to use them yet.

The chard and pok choi were used in this meal.

I used the carrots today in a quinoa pilaf that made for a quick lunch but was nothing to write home about.

I’ll be back Thursday with a new collection of veggies and hopefully some better recipes to share! What are you all making with your summer produce?

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