Week 6: The Haul

This week’s table started with one tiny tomato to try, just to entice us for what was to come. I selected a small red one and popped in my mouth on the spot (I guess I’m Giada now…). It was great. Iowa tomatoes are the bomb, and they showed up at the farmer’s market this morning for the first time, so I’m excited.

I also brought home the following in my bag:

A head of lettuce

A bunch of swiss chard

A bunch of beets plus greens (maybe 6)

2 kohlrabi (I chose one purple and one green)

Things are super hot and dry in Iowa, and I was thankful to Rob and Tammy for all their hard work. I already used the beet greens and one kohlrabi in Carly’s beet green salad that I’ve already raved about (It was for a potluck and it received rave reviews… so it’s not just me!). I will probably use the lettuce and kohlrabi in some lettuce wraps because I want to make a delicious beet salad with the beets. The chard… I’m not sure. Maybe a pasta and ricotta? There’s a yummy looking poletna gratin with chard recipe in my new cookbook, but it’s in the winter section, and next week’s weather does not look good for turning on the oven unnecessarily. We shall see.

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