Week 6: Recap

This was a great week of eating, if I do say so myself. I thoroughly enjoyed all the recipes made with CSA produce, along with two great crisps, one apple/blueberry and one peach/mixed berry, using this basic recipe, which is fantastic. The yogurt in the topping makes it a cross between crisp and cobbler, in my opinion, and it also allows me to pretend that crisp + ice cream is just like eating oatmeal, fruit, and milk. I also made the quinoa salad at the end of this post by my friend Sarah’s recommendation, and it did not disappoint. If you have cilantro and spinach as tomatoes come in, it is a winner.

For the recap of the CSA veggies, here you go. I brought home the following:

A head of lettuce: Used in Lettuce Wraps

A bunch of swiss chard: Used in Coconut Red Lentils and Greens

A bunch of beets plus greens (maybe 6): Used in Beet Orange Salad (I made 2) and the greens in Carly’s Asian Pasta Salad

2 kohlrabi (I chose one purple and one green): One in Carly’s pasta salad, one in Lettuce Wraps

Based on Rob’s email, we should be getting some different things this week. I’m excited. And thankful. Under drought conditions, it isn’t easy to grow anything. I really like how being part of a CSA helps me understand all that goes into growing delicious and nutritious food. I’ll be back tomorrow with the new bounty. Have a great week!



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