Pizza with Zucchini, Mushrooms, Kale, and Vodka Sauce

John and I started a tradition when we moved in together of making pizza on Friday nights. Some Friday nights we go out or order pizza with friends, but I would say that we make pizza on Friday nights about half of the time. It’s a nice component of meal planning because it’s easy, and it’s an easy way to use up ends of veggies that are in the fridge.

We use Mark Bittman’s pizza dough recipe, which I make in the food processor. It makes enough for two crusts; we always freeze one for the next time.

For sauce, we used to make our own, but I’ve started buying jarred pizza sauce at the store (a brand called Mid’s is pretty good). This time, I opened the jar, and it was a little too old, so I found some jarred vodka sauce in the fridge. It added a really nice element of flavor to the pizza.

For toppings this time, we choose to use some of the zucchini, a couple kale leaves chopped finely, 3-4 baby bella mushrooms, sliced thinly, and about half of the rosemary spring, chopped finely. It’s important with thin crust pizza to not put too much on there or it gets soggy. We topped this with about a cup of shredded mozzarella and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. In our oven, we bake it at 475 degrees for 8-10 minutes. We both really liked this pizza, and I’m excited for more pizza friendly veggies to start making an appearance. What are your favorite pizza combos/tips for homemade pizza?


One thought on “Pizza with Zucchini, Mushrooms, Kale, and Vodka Sauce

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