Week 7: The Haul

There was a lot of excellent produce on the table this week, which was no small feat based on our weather. The variety of veggies I brought home means that I have begun to work from my summer’s bounty meal planning style, which basically means that we have a pasta, a stir-fry, a legume-accentuated dish, salad/lettuce wraps, pizza, and maybe a sandwich or burritos, mixing up the veggies in whatever ways we feel. I’ve also been thinking about working an egg-based dish into the rotation. I might write more on that later, but that basically means that I can stock our kitchen with grains, legumes, pasta, and all the basics and mix and match as we go. It requires a bit of advance planning so we don’t end up with too many weird combinations, but I’m not too picky about those weird combinations anyway. I see them as a bit of an adventure.

Here’s what I brought home this week:

1 bunch of kale

2 kohlrabi

1 bag of green beans

1 small head of broccoli (selected from the choice box–there were also peas and more summer squash, and maybe other options I didn’t note)

2 zucchini

1 bunch of carrots

2 cucumbers

1 sprig rosemary

1 dozen eggs

I also picked up 2 onions, a head of garlic, and 6 small tomatoes at the farmer’s market to incorporate into the week.

I’m a little behind on updating as we’ve already made a pizza and a pasta dish with one zucchini and some of the carrots and kale. We also made refrigerator pickles this afternoon with the two cucumbers. Tonight I’m excited to try and make these vegetable rolls (first time working with spring roll wrappers!) with the carrots, zucchini, tofu, and a green pepper I have in the fridge. I plan to use the broccoli and kohlrabi in a stir fry along with any leftover carrots. I have a great, simple pasta recipe involving green beans, feta, and tomatoes, and it is SO good when the ingredients are fresh. I’ll probably use the kale in a spanish tortilla recipe with the eggs. I’m excited for this week!

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