Spanish Tortilla with Kale

John and I had a great trip to Spain several years ago, where we fell in love with tortilla de patata, basically a frittata with potatoes. We make one at home probably about once a month, and every time we have it, we both say, “This is soooo good; why don’t we eat it more?” I suggested this week after eating this tortilla that we should put it on our weekly meal rotation. It’s that good. (We’ll probably go more like 2 weeks just to be sure we don’t get sick of it.)

Usually my procedure is like making a giant thick omelette: when the bottom is browning and the top is mostly set, I do what I call “the death flip,” which involves sliding the giant omelette onto a plate and flipping the plate back into the pan, usually dripping hot egg on my arm and the stove in the process. This recipe suggests just baking the tortilla. Even if it isn’t authentic, it still tastes delicious and it is much easier and safer. I’m sold.

I made this recipe exactly as written, except I still had half a sprig of rosemary, which I finely chopped and added to the mixture. Don’t skimp on salt. Last time I made this, I added less than the recipe called for. This time, I didn’t, and it was so much better.



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