Week 7: Recap


We ate well this week. I was even excited to eat most of the leftovers, which I think is a really good sign.

Here’s the summary of how we used everything:

1 bunch of kale: Spanish Tortilla with Kale, Pizza

2 kohlrabi: 1/2 in Veggie Rolls, 1 1/2 in Sesame Green Stir Fry

1 bag of green beans: Pasta with Green Beans, Tomatoes, and Feta

1 small head of broccoli: Sesame Green Stir Fry

2 zucchini: Pizza, Rotini with Zucchini and Chickpeas, Veggie Rolls, Sesame Green Stir Fry

1 bunch of carrots: Veggie Rolls, Rotini with Zucchini and Chickpeas, hummus dippin’s (I’m perfecting my hummus recipe, and I will share it when it’s right)

2 cucumbers: Ooh, I forgot. We made pickles! They had a really sharp aftertaste–like an aftertaste that makes you gasp, so I wouldn’t say they were perfect. But they were pickles, and we will work to make them better. Then I will share the recipe.

1 sprig rosemary: Pizza, Spanish Tortilla

1 dozen eggs: Egg sandwiches, Pizza eggs (when we scramble all of our leftover Friday pizza veggies into eggs on Saturday morning), Spanish Tortilla

What are you making with your summer produce?

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