Week 8: The Haul


We are still in drought-like conditions here even though we’ve had a bit of rain in the past week. It’s not enough to make a huge impact. Our farm was also the victim of an unfortunate aerial spraying incident, so there are some things up in the air about the rest of the season. I am so sad and angry for Rob and Tammy and all the lost work they’ve put in to bring us a quality product. Grr. 

Anyway, this week, I brought home the following:
1 bunch of kale

1 small eggplant

1 bag of green beans

1 bag of snap peas

3 cucumbers

I also picked up garlic, onions, and tomatoes at the farmer’s market, along with some broccoli and bell peppers. We were a little lazy this weekend in terms of cooking, so I have almost everything left to use in the next couple of days. The cucumbers will probably end up on hummus sandwiches because we are addicted to my new hummus recipe (I’ll post it as soon as I’m sure it’s consistent). I’m already craving the spanish tortilla, so we might have that with our kale. I’ll probably make a fried rice with the peas and leftover carrots from last week, possibly including the eggplant and peppers. I have some leftover jarred vodka sauce that was excellent (Victoria Vegan), so I will probably make a simple pasta with any of the remaining veggies. The best part is that I think I won’t have to go to the grocery store…


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