Dud Week

I have been a little lazy this week in terms of cooking, which means I unfortunately do not have much to share with you. I just wanted to check in to keep it real. Here are the photos of what has happened with our produce this week:

Double cucumber hummus melts (plain cucumbers and pickles). It’s too bad our pickles turned out really sharp and sour, so that was all I could taste.



Fried rice with carrots (leftover from last week), snap peas, and bell peppers. This fried rice was just okay. I really like fried rice as a “clean out the fridge” dish… you can throw whatever veggies you want in there and it generally turns out okay. Protein is easy because you can just scramble eggs right in the rice. I’ll post a great fried rice combination when I have one, and you can modify it to fit whatever produce needs you have.



I don’t even know what you might call this one. I made it last night, and the green beans were a big mistake. I think the recipe would have been delicious without them. As John said, perhaps some day we might just eat a vegetable on the side (have you noticed the vast number of one-pot dishes we eat?). The eggplant, peppers, and chickpeas were really working it, and then these green beans just got in the way and ruined the party.

Luckily, the food has been edible and nutritious. It just hasn’t really been worth sharing. And tomorrow I’ll be making the tortilla from last week to use the kale, so no new news there. I am making another batch of hummus, and I’ll keep a close watch on quantities, so hopefully I’ll have at least one decent recipe to share with you this week. Happy Wednesday!



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