Hi, I’m Brenna. Each Thursday, I pick up a selection of veggies from our excellent farmers, Rob and Tammy. In the early part of the season, we generally get lots of greens and radishes. By August, we are bringing home such a variety of veggies (in huge quantities) that it’s hard to use them all.

This season, our goal is to use our entire share each week. This means that I have to take everything on the table even if it’s not my favorite, and then find a way to use it.

Why? There are several reasons. We welcomed our first child, Eleanor, into the world in March. Because I am a teacher, it made sense for me to take the rest of the year off even though it made for several weeks of unpaid leave. While in summer past (this is our fourth with our current farmers), I didn’t feel too bad about leaving behind a cucumber or two when I was sick of them, it seems silly to do so as we tighten our belts in other areas. This is food—good food—that we’ve already paid for, and we might as well use it. Also, using everything willchallenge me to try different veggies in different ways. I think it’s important to notice what it means to really eat seasonally—appreciating things at their peak—and thus connect with our local environment in a ways we otherwise might not.

So, a challenge is born. In general, we like almost all veggies. There are only a few that tend to get left in the crisper to become less than crispy. For us, these are radishes, cucumbers, and beets. Radishes are too sharp, cucumbers are too bland and watery, and while I love beet salads, I never want to take the time to prepare them on my own. I realize different folks will have different challenge vegetables, so hopefully we can share ideas about how to make the ones we like less more palatable.

I figured that I might be more accountable if I told other people what I was doing, so here it is. We pick up our shares on Thursdays. I’ll try to check in to share what we came home with and some of my ideas for our haul. At some point, I’ll share the meal plan for the week. I’ll also share the meals we made, and if they end up being any good, I’ll share the recipe. I am a vegetarian, so the recipes will be too. I’m looking forward to sharing ideas with others!


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